Shield of Blood Part 1

Guys, thanks for following me. I have mixed feelings about this but hey at least I know I have nothing to hide. I think we can agree on something, and I want us to rethink this arrangement instead. Can I join the team?
Osca Pemba.

He had made first contact now all he had to do was wait. Osca Pemba lived in a nice neighborhood south of Konza city. He liked the loneliness….now he was being watched. Osca Pemba was born during the Reintegration. His parents were staunch catholics brought up in the outskirts of Thika City. Everyone was known by an alias which the government required for identification. This alias was his identity. The reintegration made it mandatory for all children born after 2015 to have alias names which became their official identities. These names appeared on all official Kenya government documents. In social settings, their real names were never discussed and if they were it was frowned upon. Perceptions had been changed. Many didn’t like it but the Reintegration law was created to unite Kenyans and having general names given to newborn children was just the beginning. Now it was a self organising system that didn’t need government supervision. It was the norm and it had broken all patterns of knowing one’s real tribal affiliations. This general idea was slowly reintegrated over the last 15 years in to the communities in Kiambu county and across the country. Poor families were the focus of this new government law. Any child born in to a family was given the alias name by the government and in return, the families were allowed tax exemptions on numerous basic commodities, early school tuition fees, free life access in to the government digital learning centres in all counties and essential baby items for 5 years with each child. An incentive that was a worthy exchange for most Kenyans who lived below the poverty line. Osca Pemba’s parents were beneficiaries of this new law when they lost their livelihoods. It was not a topic his parents were willing to talk about. He was born in Thika City when they moved there. Now he lived here in Konza City, a modern model city that exposed him to every trend and opportunity in the world. This city was home and he knew everything that happened here.


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