Decision are hard things to make. This month I’ve made a few of them and one of the most significant decisions I’ve made is to stedfastly engage myself as a self employed entrepreneur, cultural provocateur and problem solver. To be one who makes decisions even those that put my reputation in the spotlight and even get publicly scoffed at. That’s the risk I face. But the benefits far outweigh the risks and I am glad to be here. I have no regrets being a dreamer, being a misfit and wanting to create and be part of a culture that executes ideas that change our country and our world. One day, I know I will share this dream with our leaders, maybe even have a cup of tea with Uhuru Kenyatta​ as we discuss how to change the Kenya we live in with ideas that are bold and beneficial to Kenyas youth and future. One day.

Till then, I keep my head up and get down to work smart and hard. I am a Kenyan who is proud of my country despite all the public negativity and I will do what it takes to make it better place for generations behind me.

Now you make your own decisions. To those who support dreamers like me, we need you.  To those that don’t support dreamers like me we need you too.

Everyone is important. Let’s do what we do best, someone has to do it.


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